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Hello! My name is Herda van Elk-Hutabarat.

I am a work-at-home mama of two wonderful children, aged 10 and 7 years old.

Zandvoort, North Holland, is the city where I live now.

Beautiful creations on this website are individually designed and made by me;

some even are the result of co-designing with j-djd's admirers. 

The website itself is part of my newly-discovered skill!

What started as an intuitive sense of self-determination has developed into an 

exciting journey of self-(re)discovering; connecting and sharing with the wonderful women, admirers of j-djd jewelleries.

Herda van Elk - Hutabarat; de j0-delfi jewellery design (j-djd) wire-wrapped sieraden ontwerpster.

The women who have been j-djd’s most loyal customers come from different walks of life; they have their own stories; they have their own gifts; they recognize their own uniqueness and use it with appreciation for the benefit of others, which makes them stand out from the crowd; to them success is not merely the result of hard work, but also smart work. They stand for freedom in creation; they know what they want; their confidence inspires me to have confidence in myself and in what I do. These women are active women who lovingly take care their family whilst actively contribute to the society. Connecting with them has been a meaningful value on my journey with j-djd.

There have been a lot of encouraging compliments on my work over the years. Here I quote some of them: "your works are so unique"; "there is an artistic touch in each and every jewellery you make"; "your work is neat and smooth"; "there is one for everyone"; "they're stunning"; "I'm so pleased, just like what I had expected." It is obvious that j-djd jewelleries are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, have great quality at a competitive price. I'm very thankful and humble to have received such appreciations from them; but what has been an absolute pleasure is knowing that my work can give a moment of excitement in their life. THANK YOU dear j-djd admirers!